Welcome to Roshni From Rags To Riches

“Roshni From Rags to Riches”, for those who know me, this would surely come as a major surprise because Roshni and Rags to Riches certainly don’t go together. So let me give you a  snippet of what I mean.


The very phrase “Rags to Riches”, brings to one’s mind a state of extreme deprivation to acquisition of colossal wealth, and in some cases instantly. In my case, the wealth certainly came but in a different form, in the form of massive spiritual and of course, mortal and tangible as well.

It all happened in due course, after I stepped in to Yoga- A path that gradually leads you to a world, where interactions happen in the form of consciousness and pure raw energy. A world which runs parallel to the material one and not devoid of it. Ok, let’s keep it simple, the one that can be perceived only with the help of the five basic senses.


“Roshni From Rags to Riches” has born out of my passion to write about varied things that I feel the most spirited about, some being aspects like yoga, the power of mind, relation between food and mood, health and nutrition and share my phenomenal experiences that I have had along the way.


I earnestly do hope that people get a lot of take aways from here, whatever interests them the most and that it can add value to their lives just how it did to mine.


I am a graduate in International Hospitality Management from the UK, an Entrepreneurship Programme from Germany and a Masters in International Business from New Zealand.


During my many years in the United Kingdom, and briefly in Dubai, I have had stints in my core area of Food and Beverage with some of the most elite brands in the hospitality.

My Specialisation on “Marriage of Food and Wine in Society” and a keen interest in Food and Beverage, led me to research more and more on the impact of food and beverage on the mind and body.

I am definitely to be called a hard core “F & B” person 🙂


When I’m not working, I spend a lot of my time in silence in the nature and contemplating the vast expanse around. It literally speaks!! And the ones who know me, know, that if there’s anything that I love doing the most, it is travelling.